blue, pink heart
The Transformationalists are a group of highly realized energy beings who have lived countless lifetimes on the earth plane. Their mission in this energetic state is to further the enlightenment of all mankind through simple instructions that are easy to understand and follow. It is their belief that by breaking down complex spiritual concepts into small, digestible bits of information all of mankind will make a successful transformation into the higher realms of both thought and beingness.

Marcia Martin, MEd – The Heart Healer, is a teacher, coach, podcast host, public speaker and bestselling author who has been perfecting her treatment modality for the past 40 years. During that time, she has studied traditional and alternative psychological practices from both Eastern and Western sages and has incorporated these techniques into her own method, The Angel Heart Healing Technique. This technique is a proprietary method that is the result of her extensive education and training as well as her intuitive gifts. 

Schedule your complimentary, thirty-minute Angel Heart Healing Breakthrough consultation at https://www.mmhearthealer.com/coaching.



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